For existing search firms, there is an initial start-up package of $7,500 which will in part offset SRAI’s incurred costs providing for initial onboarding work and services. Royalties are paid on the cash-in of your office. Existing search firms are on a tiered schedule of 5.5% of revenue up to $2mil, 3% on $2-3mil, and 1% on $3mil+. No royalties are due in the first 90 days.

The term of our initial agreement is five years, however – if you desired to leave after the first two years, the agreement provides for a buy-out option of a payment of one year of your royalties. At the end of the fifth year, you could choose to exit without any payment or the agreement would continue and simply require a six month notice to exit without any fee.

No, you do not have to change anything; you retain all of your current email addresses, website, phone number, etc. You will be listed on the main website and we will work with you to determine how to best add the co-branding additions to your website, collateral material and the like. We help you build your brand while allowing you to avail any benefits of the SRA brand.

You still wholly own and operate your firm. What specifically would you be concerned that you would lose control over? We have no ability or desire to mandate the way you do business, operate your business, the hours you work, or the amount your office bills. We are here to support you in the implementation and achievement of your vision, but it’s your vision.


No, territories are a quarter mile from office location.

A franchise provides for far more mutual commitment and has more protections for both parties. While some other franchises in our industry may have given you a potentially negative preconceived idea of what a franchise is, we prove that it is not the system that is the issue but rather poor execution and greed. To this end, Sanford Rose has been ranked in the Top 200 Franchises nationally; the list is compiled based on an independent and anonymous survey of all of our owners by Franchise Business Review. Over 90% of our network is comprised of firms that were existing firms when they joined; if other franchises have a strong value proposition, why are they unable to attract existing firms as we have? Sanford Rose Associates International LLCfinding people who make a difference®

It is difficult to quantify without knowing your situation and what part of offerings will be most utilized by you. The following is a hypothetical example:

  • Uses hiring services 3 times throughout the year. This has a charge of over $15,000 for NLE clients.
  • Puts 3 hires through our Facilitated Foundation Program, as well as receive unlimited access to Next Level Exchange, on-demand life courses, and consulting with subject matter experts in all facets of building and scaling a recruiting practice and search firm. This is over $10,000 for NLE clients.
  • Enjoys over $15,000 a year in marketing communication and public relations benefit
  • Saved thousands and avoided a technology nightmare by establishing an effective email archiving and system back up procedure
  • Utilizes the accounting and operational team to audit commission records and uncovers thousands in overpaid commissions
  • Gets handed a retained search by another owner whose client has a need for hires out of their competency and ends up with 80% of a $50,000+ fee
  • Has an associate motivated to achieve a top position in the annual Top 10 rankings and production doubled year over year
  • Partakes in regular coaching with a SRA coach as well as MasterMind groups with other owners. Outside firms charge in excess of $30,000 annually for this.
  • Enjoys incredible savings that exceed $25,000 from either free or drastically reduced costs from outside vendors
  • Blue sky value of the culture and being part of something bigger than oneself: priceless

The firms generates $1M in revenue and thus paid $55,000 for the above. Can you hire a person that costs $55,000 total including taxes and insurance and overhead that could provide you with all this?

Acquiring and growing SRA is a “get to” not a “have to” for the leadership team and owners of SRA. Building something that is a true industry game-changer and that has never been done before is the legacy we strive to create. We are committed to a corporate team that is capable, connected and unified in the pursuit of our own next level. We love helping firms achieve their goals, and being able to do so within the framework of a like-minded group of fun-loving entrepreneurs is what we are all about. Imagine a few hundred search firms all in pursuit of building the search firms of their dreams, guided by common core values, who respect each other’s individuality but know that together they can achieve far more collectively than they would individually. Now think about the benefit of developing so many authentic and meaningful relationships with people who understand the issues you face. Operating from abundance and the concept that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ is baked into the cultural DNA of our team. We all have a gap between our achievement and our potential, and the gap between those is the journey to the next level. Of course, as soon as the gap closes, a new potential opens up. Like a journey to the end of a rainbow, the pot of gold is not at a destination as there is no end. The pot of gold is the journey itself!