SRA Fall Conference 2023:
October 11-13, 2023 Frisco, TX

SRA Fall Conference 2023:
October 11-13, 2023 Frisco, TX

R3 Summit: The Right Place, The Right Time With The Right People


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

For those arriving in time, we’ll kick the Conference off with an informal Happy Hour at our Host Hotel, the Omni! Weather permitting, happy hour is on the pool deck; otherwise foyer. Dinner is open for all guests to make their own arrangements; The Star is full of fabulous options for you to grab a quick bite or gather a larger group and spend some quality time with others in the Network! Complete list of The Star District Restaurants here:


Thursday, October 12, 2023


Joanie Bily, Chief Experience Officer: EmployBridge and President: RemX Specialty Staffing

Joanie brings over twenty-five years of experience in professional and commercial staffing, including executive leadership roles with two of the world’s largest employment firms. In 2019, Joanie was named to the board of directors of the American Staffing Association and, in 2020, became an officer on the board. She was named to the Women in Staffing Global Power 100 and North America 50 by Staffing Industry Analysts for five consecutive years. As an employment industry expert, she has appeared on ABC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC and has been quoted in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

A published author, Joanie’s latest book, Dive In DEEP, provides real-world advice on pursuing your passion and interests to advance your career and live the life you desire and deserve. The four strategies (Design, Experience, Execute, Persevere) offer a framework for pursuing life goals, facing fear and failure, and embracing it all to advance your career, find balance, and live your best life.

With a passion and commitment to inspire and guide individuals and organizations to reach and achieve their highest potential, there is tremendous alignment with the ‘why’ for so many of our Sanford Rose Offices and Recruiters, and we are excited for Joanie to kick off our 2023 Conference!

10:30 AM – 11 AM: BREAK

11 AM – 12 PM: Thursday Breakout #1

PRODUCER BREAKOUT: Micro-Famous: How to Create Brand Equity in Your Niche that Eclipses the Competition

Scott T. Love, President, The Attorney Search Group

In this session, our own Scott Love will unveil the art of building a truly exceptional brand that dominates your niche and surpasses your competitors. Scott will share how he harnessed his unique strengths, knowledge, and experiences to establish himself as the absolute authority in the legal industry. Prepare to unlock the secrets of achieving “micro-fame” within your field, where your expertise and influence radiate among your target audience! Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge strategies, discovering innovative approaches to skyrocket your brand visibility, captivate your audience, and foster an unwavering following. Explore the techniques that propelled Scott’s success and position yourself for an extraordinary brand transformation. Get ready to revolutionize your niche and embrace the remarkable power of becoming “micro-famous”!

STAFFING BREAKOUT: Contract Staffing Mastery: A Roadmap to Consistent, Scalable Revenue

Tom Erb, President, Tallann Resources

Are you seeking a more predictable revenue stream to complement your search business? Interested in expanding your service offerings but don’t know where to start? In this highly informative session, staffing expert Tom Erb will delve into the secrets of successful contract staffing. In this session, you will gain valuable knowledge on the following topics:

  1. The Good and the Bad of Contract Staffing: Explore the pros and cons of venturing into contract staffing and understand how it can positively impact your business.
  2. Navigating the Contract vs. Search Landscape: Learn the key differences between contract staffing and search and how each avenue can contribute to your firm’s growth.
  3. Unlocking the Art of Contract Staffing Sales: Discover the most effective and proven sales strategies to present contract staffing as an appealing option to existing clients and potential prospects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your organization’s offerings by mastering the art of contract staffing!


Greg Doersching, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

Are you ready to take your lead generation skills to extraordinary heights? Join Greg for an immersive session that builds upon the rock-solid Foundation of our self-paced Lead Generation Training Program. Get ready for an upgraded experience as we unveil Lead Generation Mastery 2.0! Transcend the basics of candidate recruitment and business development and dive into cutting-edge strategies to amplify your impact and propel your lead generation efforts to unparalleled success. Unlock the secrets to rising above the noise in today’s competitive landscape and discover the transformative techniques and tactics that will set you apart. This is the opportunity to supercharge your lead generation skills and unleash your full potential as a driving force in achieving extraordinary business results!

LEADERSHIP BREAKOUT: The Blueprint for the Blueprint

Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO, Sanford Rose Associates

The greatest hits: Market Mastery, Client Focused Search, Shared Revenue, Data + Engagement + Persuasion – you’ve heard them all. But as we’ve continued to study business models, watch economies and markets evolve, and track the success of scaled recruiting firms, it has become increasingly clear that THERE IS a unique formula and process. Like an architect who meticulously plans and develops in phases to design a magnificent building, successful firms must do the same!

In this session, Jeff will explore those blueprint designs differentiating fast-growing firms and uncover how their approach and structure significantly influence their success. Discover how implementing this strategic blueprint can enhance the profit and value of your firm. Jeff will share insights and practical strategies into each step of a proven model engineered to build and grow firms with the necessary infrastructure to scale and sustain healthy profitability. If you desire to grow and expand your firm beyond a lifestyle business and have the commitment to do whatever it takes to get there, this session is for you!

12:00 PM: BREAK


1:15 PM: BREAK

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Thursday Breakout #2

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (A): The Formula for Closing

Jon Bartos, Chief Investment Officer, Starfish Partners, Chief Operating Officer, Dimensional Search

Join Jon in this session to learn the 5-step formula for closing deals in a tight labor market. With a possible increase in turndowns, fall-offs, ghosting, and missed opportunities, adapting and responding proactively to unique challenges faced throughout the interviewing process is crucial. Discover proven strategies to set expectations, re-qualify, pre-close, and close effectively with candidates and clients. Don’t let these challenges hinder your success; take control, overcome obstacles, and make recruiting fun again while maximizing your opportunities!

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (B): Become the MVP for MPC’s!

Katie DeVries, Senior Associate, The Bridger Group
Jolene Lawson, Manager, TalentSphere Staffing Solutions
Mike Monson, President and CEO, Top Talent
Jordan Rayboy, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

As Recruiters, we understand the importance of standing out in a crowded market and quickly establishing credibility with candidates and companies. While many recruiters claim to work with top talent, finding distinctive approaches that truly set you apart is essential. One highly effective method is marketing a uniquely qualified MPC (Most Placeable Candidate). By showcasing your expertise in identifying and representing exceptional candidates, you can swiftly secure send-outs that have the potential to result in successful placements. Join this panel for a dynamic powerhouse-packed session where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from recruiters who dominate this business development approach. Together, we’ll explore best practices for effectively marketing an MPC, enabling you to elevate your recruitment game and become the MVP for the MPCs in your niche!

GENERAL BREAKOUT: EDM Fest for Recruiters

Erin Bent, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Darren McDougal, Chief Marketing Officer, Sanford Rose Associates
Max McNamara, Senior Director of Workflow Innovation, Sanford Rose Associates

Data, engagement, and persuasion: the ultimate trifecta for market mastery and unlocking the highest potential for any recruiter. But is it the look and feel of your digital marcom materials? Is it the tools and tech you use? Is it the messaging deployed? The answer is YES.

Join Erin Bent, Darren McDougal, and Max McNamara as they share decades of combined experience integrating data and branding with systematic engagement. Learn top digital marketing strategies, including audience segmentation, content marketing, social media tactics, SEO, and tracking KPIs for data-driven decision-making. Walk away with a valuable checklist of resources to boost efficiency, production, and market visibility. Don’t miss this high-energy session packed with practical insights and relevant case studies.

LEADERSHIP BREAKOUT: Future Frontiers: Expanding Established Practice Areas and Teams

Scott Chadbourne & Team, President, Global Executive Solutions Group

From the beginnings of a small family recruiting business launched in 2001 to leading the largest single-site executive search firm specializing solely in the Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management industries on the planet, Scott Chadbourne has deliberately and methodically focused on building a scalable foundation for GESG.

Billing $5m in 2020, $7.5m in 2021, $10m+ in 2022, and sustaining that run rate in 2023, GESG has a goal of $27M by 2027 with the mission of sustainable, profitable growth. Crossing into new frontiers has been carefully mapped. GESG’s practice areas and team structures are designed to support team leaders who collaborate to assist every associate team member in hitting their targets, ultimately catapulting the entire firm. Join Scott and the GESG team as they share perspectives on successful team structures, create a cross-selling culture, support a collective mindset of abundance, and build the next generation of leaders within the organization and the recruiting industry.

This session will be designed and geared towards current users and power users who want to utilize the product at an even higher level.

This session will be designed and geared towards people who would like to learn more about ZoomInfo and how it can impact their business.

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM: BREAK

3 PM – 4 PM: Thursday Breakout #3

PRODUCER BREAKOUT: Attracting Clients and Candidates: The Critical Decision Pathway

Rob Mosley, Managing Partner, Learning & Development, Next Level Exchange
Stacy Napoles, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

The cornerstone of establishing new relationships with both clients and candidates revolves around your ability to differentiate with your approach. That starts with seeing your clients and candidates through a different lens. This session introduces you to The Critical Decision Pathway, understanding how our clients and candidates think and their value. We also explore the principles universal to establishing long-lasting collaborative relationships.

STAFFING BREAKOUT: Winning the Staffing Sales Game in 2023 and Beyond – How to Adapt and Optimize Your Sales Approach

Tom Erb, CSP, President, Tallann Resources LLC

The events of the last few years have significantly impacted selling staffing: the pandemic, working from home, and the acceleration of technology adoption are just a few areas that have changed how our prospects buy. And while some changes have proven to be temporary, other aspects have been permanently altered. This session will discuss how sales have transformed, what to expect in the months and years, and how to adapt your sales strategy and processes to thrive post-pandemic.

GENERAL BREAKOUT (A): Conducting an Outsourced Orchestra

Erin Bent, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Yosef Colish, President, Leah Yosef International
Jennifer Viley, President, ParkerBeth

“Focus on your strengths, and delegate the rest.” – Barbara Corcoran. We’ve all experienced the frustration of tasks that drain our energy and divert us from our true strengths. But the reality is that finding the right people and functions to outsource can be a time-consuming challenge, especially when the days already feel too short. However, fear not; this session will give you a starting point to tackle this conundrum head-on. Led by Erin Bent, this breakout session will showcase a panel of individuals who have successfully created their own outsourced machines. They will share invaluable insights, lessons learned, and practical tips for implementing outsourcing strategies effectively. Get ready to transform your approach and reclaim your time for what truly matters in your business!

GENERAL BREAKOUT (B): Supercharge your Recruitment and Marketing with ChatGPT & AI

Darren McDougal, Chief Marketing Officer, Sanford Rose Associates

This dynamic training session will explore how to supercharge your recruitment marketing efforts using ChatGPT and AI technologies. We will begin by introducing the concept of recruitment marketing and its importance in attracting top talent in a competitive job market. We will then dive into the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT and AI, showcasing how these technologies can revolutionize your recruitment process. We will also discuss AI-driven candidate content, optimizing job postings using AI-generated content, and using AI content to enhance your recruitment marketing campaigns. By the end of this training session, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to harness the potential of ChatGPT and AI, empowering you to take your recruitment marketing efforts to new heights and attract the best talent to your organization!

Beyond search: Leverage Full Potential of hireEZ for Strategic Hiring, Pipelining, and Decision Making

Finding the Perfect Fit, Now or Future: hireEZ’s Outbound Recruiting Unveiled

4:00 PM – 4:15 PM: BREAK

4:15 PM – 5 PM Thursday Breakout #4


Joey Golemboski, Managing Partner, MetalJobs
John Kehoe, Senior Search Executive, Boaz Partners
Tess Lepore, Lead Recruiter, DRI
Dwayne Marrett, Search Consultant, JFS Partners
Jackie Miller, Executive Recruiter, BroadReach Search Partners

Back by popular demand, it’s TIP-A-PALOOZA! Being part of something bigger than oneself is something most people crave. It may be cliché, but if there were an illustration in the dictionary of the expression that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, the image would be a group photo at our Conference! Surrounding oneself with the right people significantly contributes to professional growth and success for most professionals–but it is crucial in a pure people business like recruiting. The recruiters in our Network may have differences in tenure, industry, or style – but one of the strongest commonalities is the shared mindset of operating from abundance. If Lollapalooza brings together some of the world’s most famous artists and bands, SRA is doing the same spotlighting many successful recruiters within our Network, all sharing their insights and top tips for success!
Whether this is your first SRA Conference, or you remember when our Conference could fit around a single table, the people continue to be the best thing about our SRA Network! In this Owners-only session, we will structure table assignments to maximize new introductions by combining veteran and new offices. You will leave this Breakout with a few more familiar faces in the crowd and some insights from others that will also prove valuable!

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: BREAK

3680 The Star Boulevard, Suite 1300 (across the street from the Omni)

*Staggered seating; arrive any time between 6p and 6:30p


Friday, October 13, 2023


Jane McGarry, Host of Good Morning Texas, WFAA-TV

Recognized as a seasoned and well-respected journalist, Jane McGarry is the National Gracie Award-winning host of Good Morning Texas on WFAA-TV and brings a combination of passion and the desire to tell ‘the story.’ Her ability to connect directly with the guest creates a sense of comfort and confidence, thus, allowing the audience to be enveloped in the story. During her 30+ years of broadcasting, Jane has interviewed Presidents, Hollywood stars, and Hall of Fame athletes. Co-host and reporter for the series “Texas Legends,” some of Jane’s most recent pieces included Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, First Lady Laura Bush, and Ambassador Ron Kirk. Today, she focuses on inspiring people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to value their authentic selves and find purpose in life! To learn more about Jane, visit

10:30 PM – 11:00 AM: BREAK

11 AM – 12 PM: Friday Breakout #1

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (A): Resistance: Mastering Recruitment Challenges with Confidence

Erin Bent, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Greg Doersching, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

Join us for an engaging session that tackles the challenge of managing resistance head-on. As experienced recruiters, we understand the feeling of being thrust into the spotlight, akin to a high-stakes game like Deal or No Deal, when posing critical questions to clients or candidates. Even the most seasoned professionals can rely on chance when navigating resistance throughout the search process. In this Breakout, Erin and Greg will equip you with tactical strategies and proven content to eliminate guesswork and empower you to close more successful placements. In addition, we will role-play live deal situations provided to all participants. Let’s be real: how you practice is how you play, and this interactive session will give each producer a chance to role-play and discuss a variety of common, complex, and critical moments throughout the recruitment process.

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (B): Your Capabilities Presentation

Steve Monson, Vice President, Top Talent
Ruben Moreno, Founding Partner and Practice Leader, Blue Rock Search
Mike Silverstein, Managing Partner of Healthcare IT & Life Sciences, Direct Recruiters Inc.
Norman Volsky, Managing Partner and Digital Health Practice Leader, Direct Recruiters Inc.

The traditional “Boardroom Presentation” may have moved virtually for some, but the skills needed to close a new key account are more important than ever. This pivotal moment of essentially “why you” can be disguised in various forms and fashions, but succinctly articulating your compelling rationale and value proposition can make or break the subsequent dialogue. In this presentation, successful and proven producers within our Sanford Rose Network will share how they position themselves as the leading experts in their market, how they educate on their recommended solution and partnership, and navigating through securing high-level positions and multi-position agreements.


Chris Batz, President, The Lion Group
Jacob Binke, Managing Partner, The Birmingham Group
Katie Churchill, Senior Living Recruiter, Full Spectrum Search Group
Jess Tello, Search Director/ Recruiter, Nearterm
Brittany ValVerde, Assistant Director of Client Relations, Horizon Hospitality

Join our SRA Network panel as they dive into the art of personal branding and professional image advancement. Discover powerful strategies and practical techniques to elevate your reputation and carve a distinctive presence in your field. Learn how to authentically cultivate a compelling personal brand representing your expertise, values, and strengths. Explore the secrets behind effective online and offline presence, including leveraging social media, networking, and impactful storytelling. Gain invaluable insights on building a strong professional reputation and harnessing it to propel your career to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the keys to brand ascendancy and establish yourself as a standout in your industry!

LEADERSHIP BREAKOUT: Sesame Street, 1968

Kent Burns, Founder & CEO, Simply Driven
Dan Charney, Managing Director, Starfish Partners

In this session, we draw inspiration from the iconic Sesame Street game “One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)” to explore a crucial aspect of leadership and team dynamics. Often, we are naturally inclined to favor those who are like us in communication style, preferences, and feedback preferences. However, influential leaders understand the power of the Platinum Rule, which advocates treating others how they want to be treated.

It goes beyond recognizing just one thing that sets individuals apart; instead, it emphasizes valuing and incorporating the uniqueness of each team member into leadership strategies. By understanding and accommodating what drives people, leaders can create an inclusive and high-performing team without compromising their own identity or submitting to unreasonable demands.
Learn from the experiences of Kent Burns, who transformed Simply Driven Executive Search into a thriving multi-generational team, and Dan Charney, who successfully built the second generation of leadership at Direct Recruiters. Alongside their remarkable track records, you’ll also discover a fun bonus – the true name of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! This session promises valuable insights into embracing diversity within teams and fostering a culture of understanding and respect for individual differences.

The Road to Revenue: Leveraging Crelate to Drive Sales Growth and Operational Efficiency

Stop Fighting Your Software. Recruiting is Hard Enough.

12:00 PM – 12:15 PM: BREAK


1:15 PM – 1:30 PM: BREAK

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Friday Breakout #2

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (A): Hook ‘Em! Recruiting Rock Stars in a Candidate-Driven Market

Michael Pietrack, Executive Vice President, TMAC Direct
Jordan Rayboy, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

Most industries today are experiencing a candidate-driven market, where every company seems to be hiring, and candidates have multiple offers. However, whether in good times or bad, Top Talent is ALWAYS hard to find! So how do we get the hook into these A-players that multiple recruiters are constantly bombarding, doing well, and not even considering changing jobs at the point we call them? Join Jordan Rayboy as he shares his differentiated approach to recruiting the rock stars your clients want to hire.

PRODUCER BREAKOUT (B): Best of Business Development

Carly Hazen, Managing Director, PrincePerelson
Steve Provost, Managing Director, Prestige Scientific
Scott Rivers, Managing Director, Cerca Talent+

Join this power-packed panel of rainmakers in a 60-minute session that brings together recruiters of all tenures to unlock the secrets of securing your next great client. With a proven track record of success, these experts will reveal a range of best practices aimed at helping you secure more committed hiring managers, higher fees and roles, and multiple engagements. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your recruitment game to the next level!

STAFFING BREAKOUT: Transforming the Recruiting Function: From Talent Hunter to Relationship Builder

Tom Erb, CSP, President, Tallann Resources LLC

Join Tom Erb in this eye-opening session as he addresses the pressing talent shortage known as the “sansdemic” and its long-lasting impact on the recruiting profession. With the global labor crisis expected to persist for decades, traditional recruiting methods won’t suffice. However, there is a silver lining – the increasing demand for recruiting services as employers struggle to attract and retain talent.

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by shifting from a constant hunt for talent to nurturing lasting relationships. Discover the current and future state of the labor market and its implications for the industry and economy, and learn how to revolutionize your approach to candidate, employee, and client interactions for a successful future.

GENERAL BREAKOUT: Advice for Lead Generation from Lead Generators and the Leaders Who Lead Them

Jeremy Anderson, President, Anderson Search Group
Chad Dean, Managing Director, Integrated Management Resources
Greg Doersching, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Cory Salmela, Founder & President, Salmela

At our Fall SRA Conference in 2018, we introduced “The Ultimate Business Development Hire!” Five years later, the concept has been tested, morphed, evolved, and has become an integral part of dozens of firms within our SRA Network. The transformative impact of the Lead Generator role in the initial weeks, months, and years is unparalleled, contingent upon a strategic game plan executed by the leader and complemented by the Lead Generator’s unique skill set and mindset. Immerse yourself in this panel discussion featuring distinguished SRA Leaders and Lead Generators as they show their distinct approaches to Lead Generation, share insightful metrics for measuring success and exchange invaluable best practices from diverse organizations operating across multiple FILLs and employing various methodologies. If your passion lies in constructing a robust and highly effective lead generation machine, this assembly of presenters is your gateway to becoming true gurus in the field!

LEADERSHIP BREAKOUT: Leadership Lessons from The Corn Kid (It Has the Juice)

Jon Bartos, Chief Investment Officer, Starfish Partners, Chief Operating Officer, Dimensional Search
Erin Bent, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Dan Charney, Managing Director, Starfish Partners
Christine Geiger, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates
Karen Schmidt, President, Sanford Rose Associates
Lil Vaughn, Senior Advisor Client Success, Sanford Rose Associates

Not to be dramatic, but the past few years have (at times) felt like a beautiful journey through a Class VI whitewater chute during a monsoon while dodging an occasional Sharknado. Although every recruiter loves a good adrenaline rush, the waters have calmed, and we should take a moment to stop and smell the roses and eat some corn.

Why corn? Because roses are cliché. But corn – it’s real. Just ask 7-year-old Tariq, whose genuine love for corn made millions smile and inspired a song that, once you hear it, will still be stuck in your head decades from now. This session’s panel of SRA Coaches have been fortunate enough to work within our Network and witness countless moments of effective leadership. They will share some of the best practices they have learned through the years, some at a macro level and others as seemingly small as a piece of corn. We can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.

This session will be designed and geared towards current users and power users who want to utilize the product at an even higher level.

This session will be designed and geared towards people who would like to learn more about PCR and how it can impact their business.

2:30 PM – 2:45 PM: BREAK

2:45 PM – 3:45 PM: Friday Breakout #3

GENERAL SESSION: Gain Wisdom from the Past: Navigating the Future with Clarity and Purpose

Jeff Kaye, Co-CEO, Sanford Rose Associates
Michael Pietrack, Executive Vice President, TMAC Direct

Join Jeff in this power-packed session as he shares his 35+ years of valuable mistakes, providing you with the clarity that hindsight brings. Discover how learning from the past can guide navigating the future across all facets of life, including recruitment, leadership, parenthood, relationships, finance, legal matters, education, and partnerships. This session cuts through the fluff and focuses on practical actions to embrace or avoid, enabling you to unlock your fullest potential. Jeff has also enlisted renowned industry veterans who will contribute their lessons, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and diverse range of wisdom to propel you forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from a lifetime of experiences and leverage that knowledge to shape a successful future!

3:45 PM – 5:30 PM: BREAK

Step back in time as we embrace the nostalgia of metal bands and big hair in an epic celebration of the best decade yet! Don your leg warmers, muscle shirts, or leggings, and arrive in style, just like a little red Corvette! With groovy tunes and a fantastic ambiance, this party will be the highlight of the SRA Conference! Join us for a rad and tubular experience and make unforgettable memories. Let’s make this event one for the ages! Your SRA Conference Registration Fee includes a Gremlin (guest) pass and two drink tickets to ensure a memorable evening of fun and donations.

Additional Sponsorship Levels:

Over the past 21 years, we have supported various incredible charities; last year, the SRA Family of Companies donated $50,000 to Baylor Health Care Systems Cancer Department and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. With 100% of donations going directly to our beneficiaries, we have donated over $1.8 million since the inception of the Foundation. Thank you for helping us ALL make a difference!