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Rayboy Insider Search
Jordan Rayboy


“Many people have asked me why I joined SRA after already having a successful 7-figure annual recruiting practice with a small virtual team. SRA provides value for search firm owners in many ways. For me, the clearest initial differentiator would be their internal talent acquisition team. We all know the value of partnering with a search firm to help our clients fill urgent and critical roles with the best candidates possible. It’s what we sell to our clients and prospects every day. How refreshing it is for a change to have a recruiter you can trust to help you build your own internal team! If you want to grow your firm, increase revenue, add additional functions, open new practices – their team will help you achieve that, delivering ideal candidates to your doorstep faster and more efficiently than you could do on your own, because it’s the niche they specialize in! Beyond helping you hire the people you need in order to fulfill your growth vision, they have the best training program in the entire recruiting industry. NLE has been used by literally thousands of firms across the globe to train their recruiters. As part of SRA, you get their top level Facilitated Foundation Training program included for all of your new hires. They have coaches that help coach your new hires, as well as coaching you as an owner to be a better leader. Beyond growing and ramping your team, they provide Marcom, IT, Legal, Finance/Accounting, and other functions that you can delegate and get off your plate, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the people that lead and run SRA corporate, as well as other SRA franchise owners, are all awesome! They live in abundance, share openly, and treat you like family, from the moment you join the network. I LOVE being part of SRA, and give them my fullest possible recommendation!”

Mark Stocker


“In the summer of 2012, I found myself in a career transition and somehow stumbled into an opportunity to work with a 21-year-old recruiting firm named MetalJobs Network. At the height, the company had employed 5 full-desk recruiters doing a combined total of less than $500K. Most everyone had retired or was in the process of retiring, and the owner was looking for a way to rebuild the team. That’s when I came on; and after a year of learning the recruiting industry, I was the one who was looking to grow a team. My background is in sales and sales management, yet when I tried to structure a plan to build teams and develop recruiters, I quickly realized that I was in over my head. I needed to find a mentor.

Months later, I was having a conversation with Mike Gionta, when he told me about an owner’s forum that he was hosting along with Jeff Kaye at KBIC’s office in Dallas. We had been Next Level Exchange clients for a while, so I was familiar with the name Jeff Kaye, but I had no idea how much I would relate to his belief system. After several days of intense workshops, I walked away from that forum with the technical knowledge on how to build a team. That said, what I was most inspired by, was Jeff’s embodiment of the philosophy made popular by Zig Ziglar, “The best way to get what you want in life is to help enough people get what they want”, or as Jeff would say, “work from a place of abundancy instead of scarcity”. It wasn’t just Jeff that espoused this, but everyone I met at the forum seemed to operate from the same mindset. In short, my experience in Dallas was the catalyst that helped bring MetalJobs from a 3-person office to the 11-person office we are as I write this.

And thus began our decision to join SRA. In the 2 years following the forum, our office worked hard at implementing the things that I had learned. When we started building commission sheets, Jeff’s team was there to help; when we were hiring new recruiters, they were there to help; and when we were considering entering a new market, Jeff personally took the time to call and discuss it with me.

As our office grew, so did our need for strategic input. Jeff and his team presented the opportunity of joining SRA to me a couple times, but it never felt like the right time – and to be honest, I was nervous about the financial commitment. At some point, I had to stop overthinking it and listen to my gut. Now, looking back over the time we have been a part of the SRA family, I am incredibly glad we joined. Here are just a few of the benefits we have gained from our time with SRA:

  • Management of our website and our monthly newsletters on a much more professional platform.
  • Being part of a circle of owners and sharing ideas for best practices, moving me from an island and into a successful community.
  • Awards, awards, awards… just this week, one of our recruiters received a very nice, glass award for being a top biller in Q2. Monthly, quarterly, and annual recognition has tremendous value. Sure, we could do something similar in our own office, but it is much more powerful being part of a large group.
  • Presidents Club Trip: For our first time ever, we are offering a 4-day incentive trip for top performers… paid for by us, but fully organized by SRA.
  • We have made 5 new hires using SRA’s recruitment team this year; at a cost of just $5,000/hire, that would have been $25,000.
  • Access to an IT support desk with a super-fast response time.
  • A legal team on retainer – I am in the process of working with Harvey Shapan and Nick Turner to develop an equity plan, and we have reached out to Harvey numerous times this year with contract/non-compete queries.
  • The buying power of the SRA/KBIC brand allows us to afford technologies that we previously could not justify.

This year we are on pace to make record-breaking revenue and profits, and with SRA we look forward to many more record breaking years!”

Mark Phillips



“When I started my firm, one of my first actions was to attend an owner’s forum thrown by Kaye/Bassman. KBIC’s philosophy of serving clients and employees and having years of experience with learning how best to serve was highly attractive to me. I wanted to build my firm on the principles that they use to run their business. After working it for 4 years and growing to a 9-person firm, I attended another forum hoping for additional advice about how to continue growing personally, professionally, and financially. So, from the very beginning, I’ve placed a high value on KBIC’s approach, experience, and advice.

At the second forum, I learned about the opportunity to further engage by joining the SRA network. I was flattered and, though I was really careful about making a 10-year-plus commitment, decided to join because I genuinely believed that SRA wants nothing more than to see me grow and succeed.

There were other considerations:

  • Deep operational expertise that I believe will serve us for years to come
  • Access to in-house legal counsel (Jeff and Harvey have already worked tirelessly to help me collect a fee from a rogue client)
  • Strong, ethical leadership from Jeff, Nick, and Karen
  • A nationwide split network
  • The potential to sell a much larger team (the SRA network vs. just my firm)
  • Significant discounts on other industry resources
  • Friendly competition with other owners for me; friendly competition with the entire network for my team.

But in the end, I decided to join because I want to (have to!) grow and I feel like I will grow more as a part of SRA than I would have grown on my own.

P.S. I also think that I’ll enjoy the growth a lot more!”

Rowland Mountain & Associates
Tricia Mountain

Rowland Mountain Associateshttp://www.rmasales.com


“We are forever grateful for the Sanford Rose partnership and the significant positive impact it has had on our business in just a few short months! Out of the gate, Nick and his team were able to help us significantly reduce expenses as we began to implement SRA vendor arrangements into our company.

Shortly thereafter, Chuck trained a new hire who is up and running and made his first placement in record time! Karen’s Mastermind calls and one-on-one coaching is helping our leadership team to develop and our recruiters to be more accountable. One unexpected bonus is our team’s burning desire to be sure we are on the list of SRA Top Achievers email each month! Their competitive spirit is fueled by the opportunity to benchmark themselves against others outside of our firm.

Shortly after joining SRA, our founder passed away suddenly. Jeff has stepped up to assist in the transition of our organizational structure and the ENTIRE SRA organization pitched in to help us through an extremely difficult time. We are thrilled to be a part of this team and look forward to many years of prosperity with SRA!”

Simply Driven Executive Search
Kent Burns

Simply Driven Searchhttp://www.simplydrivensearch.com

“I spent many years with MRINetwork – both as a Search Consultant and a Franchise Owner. In each of my roles, the struggle was finding value-add in the offerings from “corporate”. My experiences led me to conclude that for someone who knows the business and has executed at a high level, a franchise recruiting model doesn’t bring a lot to the party. The model offers much more value to someone who is new to the recruiting business, and to small operators. Larger, high-performing offices were simply paying royalties to subsidize the corporate office help to sell franchises, train new franchise owners and provide tools to small offices.

Consequently, when I left MRI to launch Simply Driven Executive Search, I wanted complete autonomy. Jeff Kaye and I have been friends for many years, and met during our MRI days. As I watched his team buy and develop the value proposition for SRA, I became intrigued. Jeff is an individual who has built one of the most successful search firms in the world, and who exited the franchise world for the same reasons I did.

Jeff and his team are building SRA in a manner that retains the positives from the franchise model while also addressing the challenges in a substantive way. I routinely leverage the expertise and tools of the entirety of the leadership and operational team in the areas of technology, legal, hiring, training and business structure. The Mastermind calls I have with SRA are invaluable to me and have helped me avoid costly trial and error. My objective is growth and scale. Few in the business have done this better than Kaye-Bassman. This partnership helps me go faster, and go faster with intention.”

Russ Hadick & Associates
Bob Hadick

Russ Hadick & Associateshttp://www.rharecruiters.com

“I could not be more pleased with my decision to join SRA this past year. The SRA team have all been great and I truly have felt that my organization is part of a world-class team.

The SRA hiring team have recruited some outstanding prospects and employees at RHA; one new recruiter has already secured a retained search worth over $25,000 when finished. A second recruiter sourced by the Rebecca is reviving a niche for us that has been dormant for a decade and he has already landed several retained clients. In addition to the hiring resources, having Chuck and Next Level Exchange train all my new employees has helped me focus on working the desk and other things an owner has to do. Hiring and training have always been a tremendous burden on me and now with Rebecca and Chuck, I finally feel like we can get the right people here to help me grow the firm.

Karen’s facilitation of the MasterMind sessions with my employees have helped them tremendously, and Karen and I have a regularly scheduled consulting call every two weeks in which I receive great advice. Thanks to Jeff and Karen’s help, our firm has now secured more retained searches this year than any year in our 32 year history.

All of our marketing materials now have a more professional and finished look, thanks to Darren’s modifications. My firm has been through 10 System Administrators in the past 15 years and I can tell you that the Brian and the SRA Network Support team have been outstanding. Nick has assisted significantly with revamping my current employment agreements and structuring new compensation plans for my rapidly growing team. Jeff’s guidance and advice has also saved me attorney’s fees this year as I have had clients, after Jeff’s help, decide to pay the owed fee instead of leaving me no choice but to retain a lawyer.

From an office culture and workplace environment perspective, joining SRA has been nothing but positive. I had some skeptical employees in the beginning, but they have seen how everything about SRA has been in service of allowing them to reach their fullest potential. I must also share that our Search Consultants love the competition of our office being ranked in the Top 10 (they want that free trip to the SRA conference!) and they want to see their names in that Top 5 Consultants every month.

The SRA team can only continue to make RHA better, as well as continue to strengthen our reputation and God’s vision for the firm.”

The Kineta Group
David Patterson

The Kineta Grouphttp://www.thekinetagroup.com

“I’ve been a recruiter for many years, and came up through the MRI system. While they provided good training and support (to an extent), I quickly found out that other MRI franchises were my biggest competitors. When I left MRI, I decided that being a part of a franchise organization just wasn’t for me. Ever since then, I’ve been independent, and have built my business the way I saw fit (not the way someone else wanted me to build it).

Fast forward a few years, and while I have been successful as both an owner and as a producer, I’ve realize that being independent puts me on an island by myself. Who do I turn to for advice in area such as legal , financial, hiring, technology? The list goes on. I have figured out many things by trial and error, but not having successful owners around to bounce ideas off of has hindered my growth. That’s where Jeff, Karen, Nick, and the rest of the team at SRA came in. I’ve known them for many years, ever since a 2008 conference I attended at Kaye/Bassman. I’ve always respected them, and when Jeff approached me to be part of SRA I was flattered. I was also not interested. But, after I came to understand the tremendous service offering they are providing, my curiosity was piqued. Add to that the fact that I get to keep my own unique brand, and have the freedom to operate the way I see fit? I was sold. Now, I get to have a team with a track record of success that cares about my business as much as I do. It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to grow their business.”

Boaz Partners
Weslee Washington

Boaz Partnershttp://www.boazpartners.com

“My decision to join Sanford Rose was an easy one. I knew I wanted to grow Boaz Partners to be an industry leading recruiting firm. To do so I needed the tools, training, and back office support that SRA provides. Plus, I personally needed training and mentoring they provide for me to grow as a leader. The early results are in, and they did not disappoint. Through their help hiring for my firm, I landed some of my best talent in the face of competition from more established firms. The vision SRA helped me craft and now deliver was more attractive than my competition. The peer to peer relationships developed through SRA are a tremendous benefit to my growth as an owner and leader. Walking a similar path with others and learning from them helps me make better decisions versus the old trial and error method.The network provides a trust worthy resource for advice on major and small decisions which reduces the time needed to make an informed choice. The benchmarking the peer group provides cannot be overstated. My team loves the recognition they receive through the SRA rankings.    

My personal performance is tracking at an all-time best thanks to the mentoring provided by the one on one coaching I receive and my bi-weekly call with other owners. They help me keep a healthy balance between working on my business and working in my business. The team is friendly, down to earth, and real. One of the most difficult aspects of a firm our size is marketing. With the help of the marketing team at SRA, my marketing has become much easier. They keep my website fresh and up to date with today’s trends.  Opportunities like being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal would not have happened without the efforts and brand support SRA offers.  Being part of one of the top 10 combined firms in the US brings instant credibility when speaking with clients. I am very excited about this partnership and what the future holds.”

As mentioned in Franchise Business Review”

“The speed at which Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) could get me in business for myself via its proven business model. The leadership also has the experience of running a business in the executive search industry and scaling it to a size that I respect. This is a difficult accomplishment.

The resources provided by SRA give me the tools to quickly scale my company, Boaz Partners. My website was built, my letterhead ready, and my database installed in a matter of a couple of weeks. These and other things SRA did allowed me to jump in and focus on producing billing opportunities. Additionally, being a part of SRA helps me tell a story and speak to resources for my prospective employees. When I tell a new hire I have a six-week training program, I see their surprise that a firm my size would have such capabilities.

Within three months I started making a profit and within six I had expanded my firm by adding 50% to my workforce. I remained profitable after that growth. In year two my profits have soared.

The great thing about our business is you can do it from anywhere. When my family took a vacation, I carried my laptop and cellphone and set up a remote office at the beach. Candidates and clients did not know a difference. I have found few Monday to Friday positions that have the capability of earning $200k plus per year with little overnight travel and working less than 50 hours a week. This business has that type of potential, not just for an owner, but also for someone working for the franchise.

You should be clear on what you want your practice to be or at least have a vision of what you want. Ask yourself a few questions like what size firm do I want? What lifestyle do I want? How much time am I going to give myself to make this work? You will need to do some soul searching to determine if you have the grit to do what it takes.

Integrated Management
Chad Dean

SRA Integrated Management Screen Shot 300x165.fw


“I was introduced to the SRA leadership team when I stumbled upon Next Level Exchange in 2009. I went to a NLE Owner’s Forum in 2010 and was instantly impressed with everyone I met: Jeff Kaye, Karen Schmidt, Nick Turner, Darren McDougal, and Rob Mosley. We had an immediate connection based on similar views in recruiting and similar ambitions in life and business.  I was in awe of their business plan and how transparent they were in sharing the recipe for the secret sauce. When an opportunity came up through SRA to partner up with this top notch team, it was a no brainer. The ability to pool resources and tap some of the top minds in the industry is invaluable to a business owner like myself who is in the trenches on a daily basis.”

Dan Toussant & Associates
Dan Toussant


“I joined Sanford Rose Associates in 2015 with the objective to take my recruiting practice to the next level. It has exceeded my expectations to date; best year ever just closed.

Since 2009, I gradually grew into an executive recruiter. During my 30-plus-year HR management career, I handled the acquisition of talent internally; frankly I never appreciated the value of the executive search industry. So becoming a real recruiter took me some time. With a decision to join Next Level Exchange in 2014, we grew our search practice dramatically. The consistent high-caliber training available through NLE without a doubt caused me to change my habits to use the techniques and strategies that work for the best in this business.

Since joining SRA, the insights suggested by the NLE program are such easier to implement with the support the SRA organization provides. I participate in a bi-weekly mastermind call and every call is worth its weight in gold. The Dashboard report keeps the focus on marketing calls, and the call itself is a one-hour recruiter’s workshop every two weeks on best practices in ‘client-centered focus’ and ‘market mastery,’ the two pinnacles of the KBIC/Sanford Rose philosophy.

The Sanford Rose leadership team with their cutting-edge knowledge of recruiter technology and their business acumen to negotiate discounts have made it do-able for me to achieve a goal of taking a solo practitioner practice to a multi-person team. I attribute our growth as a recruitment firm and the grasp of how to consistently exceed growth targets to the exceptional mentoring and support of the KBIC/Sanford Rose leadership team.”

Smith Consulting Group
Juli Smith


“I was a very happy Next Level Exchange client for several years when I learned of the SRA Value Proposition. Having worked for MRI for two tours of duty in the late 80’s and again in the early 2000’s, I really had no intention or interest in joining a franchise. In my mind, that was for retiring executives who wanted a “sunset years” career. Launching my firm in 2006, I had already done all the heavy lifting starting as a solo recruiter and growing my firm slowly to a 4 person team so why would I need to commit to a 10 year contract with a franchise at this stage? What value could they possibly bring to me?

From the minute I read the value proposition, I almost felt like it was too good to be true in many respects, but what I found was a plethora of resources at my fingertips from the best minds in the industry. Jeff Kaye has built an amazingly successful search firm with KBIC and he’s assembled an all-star team to help SRA offices grow to their full potential.

Jeff, Nick, Karen and the entire team have the utmost integrity and they follow through on their commitments. Jeff and his team carved out the best parts of being part of a national franchise organization and they left the rest behind and in the process, have created an amazing machine. The part that really impressed me after I left the discovery day in their Plano offices was the genuine desire to build a first class organization based on the tenet that a rising tide lifts all boats. I am an abundance thinker as are all the members of this organization.

Since joining SRA we have utilized the following resources:

  • Revamped our compensation plan and are utilizing SRA’s commission tracking spreadsheets with the operation’s team assistance
  • Utilized SRA’s Mar/Com team to develop and send a monthly newsletter to our candidates and clients resulting in new job orders almost immediately
  • Utilized the IT Team’s assistance to work through issues we had with our computers
  • Utilized SRA’s buying power to lower our contract fees for LinkedIn and upgraded our phone system to a VoIP
  • Put our recruiters through the 6 Week Foundation Level Training
  • Put my researcher through the 5 week Researcher Training
  • I joined an Owner’s MasterMind group that meets bi-weekly to share best practices
  • Attended a two-day SRA owner’s seminar to learn and share best practices
  • Just completing a 6 Week Client Focused Search Training class that has helped polish the marketing skills I have acquired in my 15 years of recruiting
  • Utilized SRA’s legal expertise and counsel on a delicate issue with a client
  • Implemented policies and procedural training forms provided by SRA
  • Have a brand new company brochure developed by the SRA Mar/Com team

All of these resources are available to me as a franchisee. We want to continue to grow and scale our firm, and I know we can do it faster and more efficiently with SRA’s support and guidance. It’s really a no-brainer.”

David Hayes


At HireMinds, I’m blessed to work with some of the most talented recruiters in the industry. As part of my commitment to the team, I’m always looking for ways to help the team achieve greater heights. In joining the SRA network, both HireMinds and the individual team members who work here benefit immensely.  Some of the key “wins” for us include:

  1. Extensive hiring support. The SRA team takes on the entire pre-screening process, allowing us to improve both the quality of prospective new HireMinds team members and the pace with which we are able to find them. This is one of the single most critical benefits we receive from SRA. By improving our hiring process, we have the ability to hire better people. In doing so, all stakeholders benefit – including colleagues, clients, and the firm overall.
  2. Best in class new hire training. Our new hire training program was “good” but not “great”. With the Facilitated Foundation Training program, we can now say honestly that our new hire training program is amongst the best in the industry. Our new hires have gotten up to speed faster with this program, and it has been instrumental in attracting prospective hires to our firm.
  3. Executive coaching and consulting. The SRA team have worked with me to improve our compensation plans, streamline our operational workflow, and help define more robust career paths for current and future team members. I can honestly say that some of the best value I’ve received from SRA has come from things which were not part of the detailed “offering”. I truly feel like I have a team by my side, in a way that I’ve never had before. My role as CEO feels a lot less lonely, now that I’ve got other great minds working with me to solve problems and improve all aspects of our firm.

As members of SRA, we’ve hired and trained new team members at a faster pace than ever before, and have achieved record months of revenue. With SRA’s help, I can focus on the areas of the business that I can have the most impact on, and let them handle some of the other critical areas.

Chicago Search Group
Brian Haugh & Jim McMahon


My partner and I attended an Owner’s Forum in 2008 thru Next Level Exchange, which focused on many of the areas that SRA now helps implement.  After the Forum, we had great information but had no idea how to start truly implementing the ideas we learned.  We continued using NLE for training throughout the years and attended another Forum in the summer of 2015, where we re-learned a lot of the same ideas but again did not have the bandwidth to truly implement the best practices shared.  As we approached the end of 2015, we had doubled our firm size by headcount yet revenues were flat.  We connected the dots that the partnership with Sanford Rose could be our missing link, and joined in January 2016.  We are on pace to well over double revenues in 2016.  SRA has helped implement many of the ideas we heard over the last several years.  Their team helps with internal hiring, marketing, creating a culture of unity with many firms that are part of SRA and many other strategies that we simply could not implement on our own.  Why try to recreate the wheel when the roadmap is laid out in front of us?  Jeff Kaye put it simply: “We are invested in your success” – and that could not be more true of the team at Sanford Rose. 

K. Russo Consulting
Karen Russo


I am a fourth generation entrepreneur who has managed to go it alone for over 20 years as the owner of a search firm based in the competitive NY tri-state area. We experienced growth and revenues consistently up to 3mil. In 2007, I started a research and name generation firm in Mexico; I had a great vision and the industry loved us! Then we all experienced 2009; trying to recover from that recession while running two businesses was difficult, let alone running two companies it different countries. I needed to adapt, and we all know the way of doing business has changed. Being accustomed to change is not an issue for me, but being the true non-conformist that I am, acknowledging that I could benefit immensely from a partner was a tough decision for me.

When I was approached with the opportunity to join Sanford Rose, the thought had never occurred to me. I knew Jeff and his team for many years and was always impressed with the professional yet genuine and candid spirit of the team. Jeff, Karen, and the entire team have helped me focus strategically on my business by providing me with excellent advice, counsel and the resources of fabulous people in marketing, IT, Public Relations, Finance, training and recruitment. This infrastructure has already created an increase in the volume of searches as well as handling execution more efficiently due to the excellent training they have provided my team. A culture of continuous learning and process improvement keeps us in the lead within search and allows us to work confidently with our clients. Additionally, being a SRA member organization within the 10th largest search firm in North America certainly helps in our marketing efforts!

I believe making an investment in your human capital is one of the keys to success. I don’t have to do it all alone, and I can work with and rely on experts who have tremendous search industry experience. I am free to focus on making rain, building strategic partnerships and growing revenue. I am extremely pleased so far in becoming a part of the SRA family. Above all the business, it feels like a family! I can still be my non-conformist self, and love that I can just be me and we can be us as an organization yet leverage resources and the benefit of the infrastructure as a whole.

Horizon Hospitality
Scott Samuels


I learned about the SRA Network of Offices in late 2015 after a discussion with Jeff Kaye. At first, I was intrigued but also apprehensive about this type of partnership. I have been involved with franchises in the past and my experiences were not very good. After doing significantly more due-diligence about SRA, their team and speaking with several other SRA firm owners who recently joined the network, I became more excited about the possibility to become a part of this network. I felt as though this could really be a good strategic partnership for our firm and could provide us with the tools and resources to escalate our growth to the “next level.”

However, my biggest skeptic was my wife! After we both visited and met with the SRA team in Dallas, she further understood the value this partnership could bring and became my biggest supporter. The greatest kudos I could give to SRA is with respect to the quality of the individuals within their organization – in particular, Jeff Kaye, Karen Schmidt, Erin Bent, Nick Turner and Darren McDougal. They are ALL genuine and sincere people who truly care about my success and the success of Horizon Hospitality. I have always known that it is critical to surround myself with great people who share a common goal. I have found this in with the team at SRA and could not be happier with my decision to join the network of offices!

Ringside Search Partners
Chris Fackler


When considering what would be best for my current team, joining Sanford Rose was a NO BRAINER. As a $3mil+ firm, I wasn’t able to support their growth and needed HELP. Having SRA in our corner has given us access to world class trainers, programs for new and experienced recruiters, systems for recognition and marketing strategies used by the best companies in our industry.

Combine the infrastructure with the SRA team and it was a KNOCKOUT. I waited 2 years to join and I can definitively say that waiting simply stunted my growth. The compensation plans, career paths, and organizational model we’ve put together in less than 6 months has given our business infrastructure that may have taken me another 2 years to build.


Search Firms Joined Using SRA Co-Brand Naming Strategy

JFS Partners
Joe Sos

Sanford Rose Associates - JFSPartnershttp://www.sanfordrose.net/jfspartners/

“My decision to join the Sanford Rose Associates Network was driven by the desire to grow my firm in a larger capacity and provide greater value to my employees, clients, and candidates.  In a short period of time, SRA has exceeded my expectations and helped me to hire new associates, train new and existing staff, make tremendous strides in developing my brand, and much more.  

The greatest part of the network is the opportunity to be a part of a successful group of owners and leaders who openly share ideas and experiences which has in turn helped me to become a better leader and business owner.  I am thrilled with my decision to become a part of the SRA Network.”

The Zike Group
Tom Zike

Sanford Rose Associates - The Zike Grouphttp://www.sanfordrose.net/thezikegroup/

“When I joined Sanford Rose Associates three months ago, my business had been struggling due to a major shift in my niche. I had been on my own for fifteen years and experienced significant financial success until 2014. I realized that in order to turn my business around, I needed support from those who were more accomplished than I. When presented with the opportunity to join SRA, it seemed too good to be true. The financial investment was so reasonable for all of the resources available to me.

I have been a part of the network for three months, and Jeff Kaye and his team have delivered more than promised. Their promptness in response to my needs has been more than expected, and this partnership has elevated my business to the next level. I recently landed the biggest deal in the history of my business, and Jeff Kaye’s support was instrumental in helping me close it. Before I started with SRA, I was faced with what was possibly the most challenging year in the history of my business. I now have the possibility of setting my personal record for the best year I’ve ever experienced thanks to SRA.”

SRA Branding

Search Firm Using Exclusively SRA Branding Strategy

SRA – Salt Lake City
(formerly Qualified Associates)
Peg Newman

Sandord Rose Associates - Salt Lake Cityhttp://www.sanfordrose.net/saltlake/

“We’ve been part of SRA since January of 2013, and it has been a business altering experience. I’ve owned my company for 22 years – the last year and a half have been the best of the 20+ for my business. Being a part of a group of like-minded, highly talented professionals has been transformational for us. In the past 18 months, I can directly identify more than $300,000 in revenue that we would not have been able to earn without being part of SRA (this is not an exaggeration).

Prior to 2013, my boutique firm did not have the credibility that being part of SRA brings to every selling and business development situation. Instead of having to ‘justify’ a decision to work with us, I have landed 3 of our top clients because they know exactly who we are, had worked with SRA before, and SRA was the firm they trusted. I have received several inbound searches based purely on “so-and-so recommended I call you guys at SRA.” These examples are a direct result of the great reputation SRA has always had, and the exceptional work Jeff and team have done to perpetuate our brand (and SRA ranked as the 11th largest retained search firm in North America makes a huge impression).

Additional benefits being a part of the SRA family include access to PR I’ve never had access to before; I have fully developed marketing for my web site, my collateral materials and my marketing proposals. Truly world class stuff is available to me – without having to ask for it. Because of this, my brand and image is consistently professional and relevant to the clients I want to attract. There are more marketing resources than I can fathom, and I look forward to integrating more of the great resources offered to continue my growth and brand enrichment.

The back office support available for hiring and training has been outstanding. The Foundation Training classes that Chuck manages , and the direct and relevant feedback he provides to me as the owner and to my recruiters, are invaluable to individual staff development. Chuck is a rock star!

The Executive Team at SRAI are phenomenal, available one-on-one for support at any time. Jeff Kaye helped us resolve a $32,000 fee issue with a client in the first 60 days of being part of SRA; we would not have been paid without his counsel, and would not have collected the full $32,000.

Nick is a genius and available for advice on all things operations and finance related, and a ridiculous pleasure to talk to. His focus on getting us all the best tools and resources available and leveraging the buying power of the entire collective has been unbelievable. I’m a true believer in paying for tools to improve my business, and Nick and his team have done amazing things to get us the best stuff to make us better, faster and more competitive in our markets at a price tag I couldn’t get by myself – saving me thousands each year.

Karen has added so much to my business in terms of advice and coaching on how to implement strategies to improve our teams, our processes and our bottom line. Invaluable to us all at SRA- SLC. No way we’d be who we are as a business without her.

Darren, Brian, Courtney, etc. etc. My Executive team grew from just me, to me and this highly qualified, ‘been there done that’ group of truly committed advisors. And I fully expect that whatever the next challenge I face, someone on the SRAI Team has already identified it and found a way to help us past it or through it to a level of achievement that we could not – let me repeat – COULD NOT – reach on our own.

“We’re all in this together” is a significantly better business model than “you’re on your own.” Especially when the ‘ in this together’ is with this group of incredible people.”


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