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The speed at which Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) could get me in business for myself via its proven business model. The leadership also has the experience of running a business in the executive search industry and scaling it to a size that I respect. This is a difficult accomplishment. The resources provided by SRA give me the tools to quickly scale my company, Boaz Partners. My website was built, my letterhead ready, and my database installed in a matter of a couple of weeks. These and other things SRA did allowed me to jump in and focus on producing billing opportunities. Additionally, being a part of SRA helps me tell a story and speak to resources for my prospective employees. When I tell a new hire I have a six-week training program, I see their surprise that a firm my size would have such capabilities. Within three months I started making a profit and within six I had expanded my firm by adding 50% to my workforce. I remained profitable after that growth. In year two my profits have soared. The great thing about our business is you can do it from anywhere. When my family took a vacation, I carried my laptop and cellphone and set up a remote office at the beach. Candidates and clients did not know a difference. I have found few Monday to Friday positions that have the capability of earning $200k plus per year with little overnight travel and working less than 50 hours a week. This business has that type of potential, not just for an owner, but also for someone working for the franchise. You should be clear on what you want your practice to be or at least have a vision of what you want. Ask yourself a few questions like what size firm do I want? What lifestyle do I want? How much time am I going to give myself to make this work? You will need to do some soul searching to determine if you have the grit to do what it takes.

Weslee WashingtonWeslee WashingtonBoaz Partners

Few people or businesses excel without at some point receiving professional guidance – from consultants, experts in the field, mentors, coaches, even friends and family. But the best advice generally comes from those that have been in the trenches, out in the field and have learned from their experiences – both their successes and their failures. As a new or experienced search firm owner, it would be hard to beat the professional guidance Sanford Rose Associates makes available to its franchise owners. There is a depth and breadth of understanding that covers the full range of the critical components of search – recruiting, research, and consulting/marketing as well as all of the back-up support elements – Hiring, Contracting, Facilities, IT and Systems, Purchasing, Legal and the most critical element of all – TRAINING. No one in the search industry beats the quality of Sanford Rose Associates and Next Level Exchange Training available to owners and their staff members. The system is a solid network of experienced global office owners with a broad functional and industry expertise – willing and able to offer guidance and support. For a new business owner learning on your own by trial and error, by experience may appear attractive but I am always reminded of what Ben Franklin said: “Experience keeps a dear school but a fool will learn in no other.

After enjoying a 25 year career in technology management and traveling internationally for 15 years, it was time to try something new. SRAI gave me the opportunity to leverage the industry experience I had accumulated into helping other companies find and recruit executives who have a history of making a difference. I have been able to establish and grow my practice and enjoy a lifestyle “off the road”. The SRAI business model is ideal in that it has provided me with the flexibility of managing my own business but with the guidance of their time-tested business model of 50+ years. It’s been a great investment.

What attracted me to SRAI was the fact they are all recruiting professionals, not franchise sales professionals. I was looking for an organization that would be a long-term business partner, and I’ve found that in SRAI. Ordinarily, a new business owner feels like it’s them against the world, but being part of SRAI, there are people actually invested in and rooting for my success. The strength of the training, the ongoing coaching, and the network of experienced and successful owners present a very compelling value statement. SRA has provided the opportunity of business ownership, the flexibility to grow my business as I want, and the support and training that will set up my team and I for success.

Someone interested in the recruiting industry has a few choices: go solo, work for someone else, or join a network. In 2007 I made the decision to join the Sanford Rose network because I was drawn to their size and niche in the marketplace. It could not have worked out better. My wife and I just purchased our dream home and I walk a few blocks to my office each day. Leaving corporate America to start my own business was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Since joining the Sanford Rose network in 2006, we have grown steadily to become the primary recruitment firm for several of our key customers. Transitioning away from a corporate sales / management career into executive recruiting initially required a big leap of faith. I knew that I needed to invest in a model which made sense for me, aligned well with my background, and provided excellent and ongoing franchise support. I found this strong match with SRA. The franchise support and development under the new SRAI is some of the finest available, and led by some of the best and brightest in the Executive Search industry. When I combine this support with the fact that this decision allowed me far superior personal freedom and quality of life, I can honestly say that I not only have no regrets, but would wholeheartedly recommend other professionals to consider joining the SRA Network.

Sanford Rose Associates is focused on building a sustainable search business that is client-focused regardless of your market niche. They provide the tools, methodology, on-going training and the opportunity to grow your practice and create a wonderful work-life balance while building a great business. The synergies of having other owners/colleagues in the network to call on and a solid team of knowledgeable search professionals supporting our efforts at SRAI in Dallas allow you to be in business for yourself - but never by yourself. It’s a great organization with incredibly talented people

I have been part of the Sanford Rose Associates system for 25 years and have experienced the advantage of the support of an industry leading organization while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit of business ownership. This support has enabled me to focus on growing my client base while staying up to date on the latest changes and innovations in the search business. Sharing best practices with top recruiters in the system and the professional training through Next Level is invaluable.

To my surprise and great interest, SRA was acquired by Kaye/Bassman, the 15th largest search firm in North America as ranked by Executive Search Review. The acquisition doubled the size and resources of both companies, almost certainly placing the combined organization among the top 10 search firms in the United States. More importantly, I now have access to significantly enhanced resources for my clients and a true global footprint. Recently, the benefits of this footprint became clear; I found myself in a shootout with another large search firm for a very significant global search. I asked for help and Jeff Kaye personally spent about an hour-and-a-half helping me formulate a proposal. While the decision has not been made regarding which firm will be selected for the global search, the commitment and expertise demonstrated in helping create the proposal was outstanding. This is the level of service I had hoped for when I opened my office fifteen years ago and is only an indication of what is to come!

I wanted to be part of a first-rate organization. The Owners I talked to were all impressive because they had all succeeded at some other endeavor. I liked the professionalism I saw, and I have not been disappointed.

Joining Sanford Rose Associates meant an opportunity to own and manage my own business with limited risk and plenty of financial upside potential. At the same time, I felt that I could apply my education and experience in this new field.

When I started off in Human Resources in the late 1980’s, we utilized Sanford Rose Associates for our technical and professional recruiting. I remember the offices we worked with as always being professional, ethical and prepared. When I started my second career in Executive Search, I chose Sanford Rose Associates because it is a professional network, with strong leadership and a great reputation within the industry.

I investigated other franchises for several years before purchasing an SRAI franchise. I wanted to operate a business that dovetailed with my professional experiences, and the search business was perfect for me. The primary reason I settled on SRAI was the flexibility to operate my business in a way that suited my personality and needs. 10 years later I still rely on SRAI to provide support on many levels. The ongoing training is outstanding. Back office support, IT, Legal…it’s all there if I need it. The conferences are a mixture of training and networking with other franchise owners to share best practices. All of this increases our ability to stay ahead of competitive search firms in terms of providing the highest quality product to our clients, an outstanding candidate.”

Sanford Rose Associates was an incredibly easy decision for me. I knew other Owners, the network was phenomenal, and the group programs and business support made it the best option.

Sanford Rose Associates was an easy decision for me and has provided me with the kind of success I could have only dreamed about. The support is unparalleled and the freedom to build your business as it best suits your interests makes it an obvious choice versus the any other options that exist.

I have lived – and continue to live – my dream! Some of the advantages of becoming a Sanford Rose Associates® Owner are that you are able to leverage your background, experience and network of contacts, as well as your passion, into helping client companies find top-tier talent and helping industry executives find great long-term matches. After a successful career as a scientist and then executive in the life sciences industry, I was able to leverage all of this when I established my SRA franchise office in 1999. I wanted to have the autonomy and business ownership a franchise model affords, but not by “hanging out my own shingle”; I wanted to have support and be part of a network of colleagues. After several years of success in the SRA Network, my family and I elected to acquire the corporate franchising entity, Sanford Rose Associates® International, in 2009 for both business and personal reasons. We kept our SRA Franchise and continued to have success as a franchisee, and our office has consistently been one of the top three revenue producing offices for each year of its operation. Over the years, I enjoyed recruiting, training and mentoring many of the current SRA Owners but found my true passion is working with clients and candidates in “Finding People Who Make a Difference®. Due to this passion, we began looking for a partner we would trust to help take the SRA Network “to the Next Level”, which would allow us to focus exclusively on thriving as a top office in the network. In December 2011, we successfully transitioned SRA International and the corporate operations to the new management team in Dallas. I am thrilled to be able to have both the incredible support of the new leadership team as well as the autonomy of what a career in search offers.

We selected Sanford Rose Associates because they have a consultative business model. Other firms were pushing candidates in more of a transactional approach. We have no doubt that Sanford Rose Associates will grow in stature internationally and continue to build on their success.

Since joining the SRAI system in June 2007, I have been blessed to have enjoyed tremendous success. Leaning heavily on my past professional experience as well as relying on great relationships and contacts throughout my industry, I have been able to meet both my sales and net income projections. I have tremendously enjoyed the freedom and challenge of being self-employed and part of the SRA network.

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