Finding People Who Make a Difference

Culture and Awards
Our culture and recognition programs allow owners to forge both long-term professional relationships and personal friendships with many like-minded entrepreneurs.
Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Back-Office Support - We pride ourselves in offering our franchisees consulting in financial, administrative, and operational support.
Consulting and Coaching
SRAI works with each Owner to not only maximize proficiency as a search consultant, but also as a leader and owner of a search firm.
Marketing Communications
We offer an effective marketing communications strategy, complete with branding and e-marketing solutions, to ensure that both clients and candidates are able to learn more about your expertise and value proposition.
Training and Professional Development
Our proprietary EntrepreneurExpress™ training and professional development program is designed to provide new Owners proactive assistance for start-up and front-end activities.
Global Recruiting Network
Global Network - Our split network opportunities expand your reach, enhance your credibility, and ensure a strategic advantage in this globally competitive landscape.

About You – What Legacy Do You Want to Create?

Welcome to Sanford Rose Associates®.

Instead of starting with an overview about us, we would like to first focus on you.  After all, you are who is most important.  No matter how strong of a track record of success we have, the global leverage that exists within Sanford Rose Associates® (SRA), or the competitive advantage aligning our network, none of it matters if it is not in support of what you are looking to accomplish in this next (and ideally final) step of your career. Imagine the opportunity to build a business that leverages your professional experience thus far.  Envision an environment in which you are in control of your lifestyle, balance, future and income.  You have flexibility as to how you can build and grow, but with the structure and support from others who have paved the way for your success.

Instead of hoping that leadership will reward you with positive reviews and subjective bonuses, visualize instead a professional opportunity where your personal income is directly correlated to your knowledge, skills and work ethic.

The Sanford Rose Associates model allows you to own and manage your own business with some calculated risk and tremendous psychic and financial upside potential.  If your desire is to be a sole proprietor who creates a legacy built on the continuous growth of yourself, your clients and your family – we have a proven business model that can help you do just that.


The Next Level of Recruiting Franchise Has Arrived.
Our scale of included support services encompasses the totality of not only what an organization should need to get off the ground, but also to create a long and tenured legacy in the search business all within the Sanford Rose Network. Contact us today for a confidential conversation.
Global Network

Global Network

Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc. is a global executive search partner to international clients in emerging and mature markets.



Provides new Owners proactive assistance for start-up and front-end activities such as business structure, licensing, technology, and office configuration and location, prior to the commencement of initial training.

Franchisee Testimonials

Franchisee Testimonials

Read what Sanford Rose Association network office owners say.

What if your desired legacy spans beyond you and your family?


Imagine the opportunity to not only grow your business, but also provide someone else with the chance to change the path of their life and career as well.  Just as a physician passes along guidance and wisdom to a medical student, you can do the same when creating the next generation of entrepreneurs within your organization. If, and only if, you have the desire to hire and add others to your team, Sanford Rose Associates provides the multi-faceted infrastructure to help you grow and scale your business.  This support system will help to achieve the expansion of your team, while still maintaining the momentum of your core business. When and if you decide to consider selling, we can help you monetize the equity that you have built in your business by selling internally or externally.

Sanford Rose Associates allows you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  You have the freedom and flexibility to craft your legacy – however you define it.


The bottom line:

Every entrepreneur knows that to build a successful business, you need the best tools and resources available.  Sanford Rose Associates not only has what we believe to be the preeminent training program in the industry, but we also have a Proprietary Dimensional Search® process, a multi-faceted infrastructure complete with an incomparable operations and finance team, state-of-the-art technology, creative and innovative marketing, and a senior leadership team and Owner network with an unparalleled reputation and track record of success within the recruitment industry.  If you have the drive and determination to build your own business, have high expectations for your professional ambitions, and desire to be in complete control of your lifestyle, work and life balance, and income, we look forward to talking with you soon about owning your own Sanford Rose Associates organization.

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